Winter on Fire: We All Deserve Freedom

Upon finishing ‘Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom‘ on Netflix, I find myself feeling incredibly touched seeing the courage displayed by brave Ukrainian citizens who stood together to fight for their freedom. This is yet another reminder of how extraordinarily privileged I am to have been born in a wealthy democratic society like Canada. Which, is why it is so important to remember for those of us who have been lucky in the birthplace lottery – no one has control over where they are born.

Watching this documentary calls specifically to mind the current situation with Syria. I am incredibly saddened and appalled having seen certain status’ online complaining about the Syrian refugees fleeing to Canada. If your home was being ravaged by war, your family and loved ones dying, would you not hope someone would extend a helping hand or offer support?

At the core we’re all the same and want many of the same things out of life – to love, to be loved, and to have a chance to live free without the fear of war or oppression. I’d like to see a little more empathy and a little less resentment. If you are truly bothered by the state of Canada’s disadvantaged there are many ways you can help directly – as an example has a list of Poverty/Social Justice organizations all over Canada that one can give their time to, or lend their support.

Canada isn’t “our” county. It’s a large piece of land that has an abundance of natural resources which people have settled on, given borders to, enacted laws in, and claimed as their own. Rather than complain about the money being spent on refugees coming into “our” county let’s all work together to support one another and help make this little space we call home a little bit nicer.


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